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Q1 : What can we do for you?
Answer : When your alarm is monitored by PROTECS A&A CMS, you are the boss!
Your alarm system is connected to PROTECS A&A CMS Central Monitoring Station (CMS) facility whose job is to respond to signals triggered by your system. The information you provided to us included a list of phone numbers of persons to be contacted in the event of a specific type of emergency, i.e. burglary, fire, medical, etc. When a signal is received by our Central Monitoring Station, a trained officer verifies the signal and immediately and automatically notifies the proper authorities, as well as any other parties you wish to be contacted, such as a neighbour, relative, etc. This is all done electronically, with officer supervision, to provide the fastest, most accurate response possible.

Q2 : What happens when the alarm goes off?
Answer : At PROTECS A&A CMS, a team of trained professionals swings into action to protect
you, your family and your home or businesses.

Q3 : How CMS works?
Answer :
  • When you security system is activated, emergency signal is transmitted.
  • Your system sends that signal to PROTECS A&A CMS via your telephone line.
  • PROTECS A&A CMS’s computer system automatically determines the nature of
    your emergency and displays this data to a highly trained CMS officer.
  • PROTECS A&A CMS’s officer call your premises. If there is no answer after six
    (6) rings, or if a correct password cannot be given, the appropriate authorities
    are immediately notified. The CMS Officer will also call your designated contact
    person until he/ she reaches someone.
  • The time and date of your emergency, and exact sequence of actions taken by
    PROTECS A&A CMS officer is recorded, and this information is available to you
    and the authorities as and when required.

Q4 : I am going on vacation, what should I do?
Answer :
  • Inform PROTECS 24-hour CMS at 03-7783 9318 of your plans. Leave us with a
    phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency.
  • Notify all CALL LIST of your vacation schedule.
  • Leave a key with a responder.
  • Install timing lights that will turn on during certain times of the day.
  • Have a neighbor pick up your mail. Or have the post office hold it for you.
  • Stop the delivery of newspapers.

Q5 : What other benefits are available with the monitoring service?
Answer :
  • Manage and monitor site/building ingress and egress 24 hours a day 7 days a
  • Decrease annual security costs and dependency on security Guards
  • With a monitored home security system, you may qualify for a discount on your
    homeowner’s insurance policy. Call your agent today to see if a discount applies
    to you.
  • Provide flexibility to add other systems and improve premise operational
  • Provide flexibility to isolate and limit access to specified building areas as

Q6 : Upon armed, the burglar alarm will be sending automatic signal to the CMS
operator. What is the frequency of the alarm relay signal?What happens when the alarm goes off?
Answer : Alarm panel pre-programme at every 24 hours.

Q7 : Is an emergency response procedure and response team established
Answer : CMS will notify Call List before dispatch Response Team – Dispatch Response Team,
if required.

Q8 : What is the emergency response timeline for either CMS or nominated
person(s) to arrive at the site upon trigger of the alarm system?
Answer : The Response Team shall travel to site to the best of his ability and subject to the
circumstances and weather conditions then prevailing conduct an inspection of the
external perimeter of the premises.

Q9 : If security response team dispatched by CMS operator to your
premise/office/warehouse, what is their next course of action if a break-in
Answer : The Response Team shall travel to site to the best of his ability and subject to the
circumstances and weather conditions then prevailing conduct an inspection of the
external perimeter of the premises.

Q10 : Is there a set duration for your guards to perform rounding / clocking?
Answer : Yes, PROTECS Tagging system will install at premises upon signing of ECR Services
and there are print outs or records of the rounding/ tagging.

Q11 : How often are the print outs or the records are audited?
Answer : Weekly

Q12 : Are the Response Team provided with handphone/fixed line/walkie-talkie
as a means of communication?
Answer : The Response Team provided with Trunk Call Radio and handphone.

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