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Emergency Call Response ( ECR)

Emergency Call Response (ECR)
(Mobile Security Response To Alarms)

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Security and safety are factors being increasingly considered by those staying in high crime areas or with businesses in those areas.

This intensive 24-hour Mobile Patrol services provide your peace of mind with your alarm system linked to our CMS or even with a simple telephone line call, the Mobile Patrol can respond within minutes, reducing the probability of any criminal activity, serious fire or medical emergency.

Apart from the constant and highly visible patrolling our friendly and dedicated Mobile Officers can provide first-line fire fighting and first-aid assistance in case of need, all with your best interest at heart.

Mobile Patrols

PROTECS A&A CMS's Mobile Patrols provide security to businesses during the hours when their premises are unattended. The patrol officers training and familiarity with the sites they patrol make them alert to any irregularities.

In the event of any irregularities being detected, the patrol officers would immediately notify our 24-hour Control Room, which then carry out your pre-designated instructions. All our mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with either radio or mobile communication equipment.

In most cases, your premises can be fitted with a magnetically encoded data recording device, into which the patrol officer registers his attendance. This information is regularly downloaded and checked to ensure that you receive the service for which you pay.

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