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Central Alarm Monitoring Station's (CMS)

How Protecs A&A CMS Protects You

Your alarm system is connected to our Protecs A&A Central Monitoring Station through the telephone line.
  • When your alarm is triggered, the communicator in your alarm system instantly sends a signal to our central station receiver.
  • The signal indicates your location and the alarm code (fire, burglary, panic, etc). This and other emergency information is automatically and instantly processed into our computer system and all your emergency data springs to the screen in front of the CMS Officers.
  • Our Officers quickly see what must be done-and notify you, the relevant authorities, as well as any other parties you wish to be contacted. Protecs A&A CMS employs the use of "Quickalert" one of the most technologically advanced and reliable security monitoring systems in the world. Together with our team of Professional CMS Officers trained for quick response, you're assured of the best protection available today.

Protecs A&A CMS Quick Responses

  • Burglary or Hold Up….. Protecs A&A CMS brings the police to your doorstep.
  • Fire… Protecs A&A CMS summons the fire brigade to save lives and minimize losses.
  • Medical Emergency…Protecs A&A CMS summons trained medical personnel to your home.
  • When You're Not Available… Protecs A&A CMS contacts a friend or relative to meet the police to provide entry.
  • For Your Records… Protecs A&A CMS provides you with a monthly Central Monitoring System Report

24-hour Central Alarm Monitoring(CMS) Nationwide

The object of all security alarm systems is to call attention to any unauthorized entry or attempted entry so that action can be taken to stop it.

LOCAL OR STAND ALONE alarm control system has serious shortcomings. The biggest problem is that there is no assurance that responsible parties will be notified when your alarm sounds. This is especially true in today's society where the sounding of a security alarm brings no action from the other residents, because it's a common occurrence or because they don't want to get involved.

With a CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION, the alarm signal is transmitted instantly over your telephone line or through GSM wireless transmission to our PROTECS A&A CMS CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION. Upon receipt of the emergency signal such as Burglary, Fire, Medical Emergency Call, etc., our CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION's (CMS) computer immediately displays the response procedure(s) for the emergency, whereby our CMS Officer verifies the validity of the signal, then proceeds to notify the relevant authorities or dispatch our own RESPONSE OFFICER to the location of your alarm(s) to
investigate. Receipt of the signal, evaluation and response all takes place in just a few moments’ time. Our computers are equipped with automatic dialing for faster, more accurate communication.

Should an intruder force you to call our CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION (CMS) to cancel your alarm signal, you will use your STRESS CODE to silently report your situation. Our trained CMS Officers will be aware that you may be overheard and will tell you the alarm will be cancelled. But, he will call the police and inform them of your stress situation if you or your employees forget to turn on the alarm system, our CMS Officers will call to alert you. Our automated monitoring network compiles detailed information on each usage of your alarm. The information can be printed in weekly or monthly activity reports. Depending on your particular security plan, we can even identify individual users and report when they armed and disarmed your
alarm system.

When a medical emergency strikes, you want medical personnel or your personal medical practitioner summoned with the speed that our CMS's computerized reporting could provide. When traveling, you can arrange to be notified of any emergency at the protected premises and a report of action taken.

Communication Network

In an effort to offer our subscribers the best services available, our CMS is equipped with state-ofthe-art equipment in our computer systems and receivers. The communication network at our CMS enable complete monitoring services, including computer hardcopy, receiver printout, voice recording, automatic dialing on all accounts, activity reports, supervised openings and closings, installer/dealer notification and more.


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